Monday, November 11, 2013

How many foreign students study in the US? Where do they study? What do they study? All these questions I KNOW you have wondered about are answered HERE!!

It is well known that the US offers some of the best higher education opportunities in the world. The latest report from the Institute of International Education has a great deal of profile data on foreign students studying in the US (and US students studying abroad).

Below is some of that data I thought interesting and that most people would not know.  Now you will!

In raw numbers, China sends the most students to US colleges and universities.  They represent 29% of the total.  You can see the drop off after that.

Here are the colleges/universities that are the most receptive to the inflow of foreign students. Northern and Midwestern institutions are favored by foreign students, for the most part.

What do they study?  I was actually surprised that "Business and Management" was first on the list. However, if you combine Engineering and Math/Computer Science, and Physical/Life Sciences, then the "STEM" majors dominate.

Finally, how do foreign students pay for their US education?  Like most students in the US, parents/family are the primary source by far.  
Check out the "Fast Facts" from the study. Lots more information on this interesting topic.

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