Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wanna know the problem with our Federal Budget? Here is it as plain as I can make it plus my take on the solutions. Your welcome...

The Christian Science Monitor has a terrific set of Budget and Debt graphs on its site today.

Below is one I copied and modified to show you the predicament our National Budget is in and why fixing it is going to be difficult.

Total Federal Revenues (Fiscal Year 2012) are on the LEFT along with the sources of those revenues.

Total Federal Spending (Fiscal Year 2012) are in the RIGHT along with the major budget categories that spending occurs.

The YELLOW arrows on the RIGHT show the budget spending that is considered "Mandatory" or "Non-Discretionary  Spending".  The major entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Compensation (with some other programs as well), and Interest owed on the National Debt).

The YELLOW arrow on the LEFT shows how much of the revenues it takes to pay for the Mandatory budget items....YIKES! Mandatory spending takes up virtually ALL of the revenues.  See the little GREEN arrow on the LEFT? That is what is left over to spend on everything else with a green arrow on the right.

But is really gets WORSE.  Much, or all depending on your point of view,  of what is termed "Discretionary Defense" is really mandatory.  If you take that whole block of spending and over to the revenue side, well, you can see that we are in a financial hole already and that is not taking into account of ANYTHING else the Federal govt spends money on.

1. Cut/Slow spending on Entitlement programs--also known as "reform". Whatever THAT means. Political death.
2. Raise taxes.  Not political death, but life support required.  Dr Kevorkian on stand-by.
3. Do a little of 1 and 2.  Politically possible. This is called COMPROMISE!  Oh, wait, never mind.
4. Grow the dickens out of the economy so tax revenues will increase, au naturel, without having to raise taxes. Most desirable!  But alas, does not seem on the horizon anytime soon.

If you have any other ideas let me know. I am fresh out.  :)

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