Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dorothy may not be in Kansas anymore, but our wheat supply is... and it is threatened. See here why..

Here are 2 maps showing where wheat is grown (on left) and where drought is occurring in the US (on right).  I got both of these from The Big Picture Agriculture blog and put the side by side with some minor editing.

Kansas grows 22% of the US wheat crop AND it is experiencing "extreme" to "exceptional" drought conditions.  Both of these are within the yellow circles.

Depending of how much of the harvest is salvaged plus harvests in wheat growing locales throughout the world, the price of wheat may increase.  As it moves through the supply chain as an input the price of finished goods made from wheat might increase in price as well.

Dorothy, please tap your heels together not so you can return to Kansas, but so it can rain.  That is needed much more...

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