Thursday, July 4, 2013

Buying a "Foreign" Car or Truck likely means you are "Buying American". My economics lesson for the Fourth of July!!

Here are the top selling vehicles for the month of May (2013).  As has been for quite some time the sale of pick-up trucks has outpaced the sale of other vehicles. But that is not what I find fascinating about this list.

Notice the presence of so many "foreign" producers of vehicles in this Top 15 (7 out of the 15).  I put foreign in quotes because a cursory Google search of assembly plants of those foreign name plates I found all of them have plants in the US dedicated to producing these particular vehicles.

So, many/most of these manufacturers use US labor and/or US sourced parts to produce their vehicles to sell to Americans.

For the most part, buying "foreign" means buying American.  Below this list is another list compiled by that shows vehicle content, US and Foreign, by the percentage of US sourced labor and parts.

Happy Fourth of July!!!


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