Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Would you like that in Paper or Electronic form? Paper industry getting beaten to a "pulp" by the digital bullies...

While we will likely always have a want for paper, it is an industry on the decline because of the rise of a suitable substitute---digital technology in every form.

For the paper manufacturing/producing sector this decline has been gradual but inevitable.  My father worked in paper mills in the Northeast all his life and growing up I saw first hand its demise.

Creative Destruction is a cold, cruel process for those on the declining end of an industry but exciting, vibrant and forward looking for those in the emergent industries.  Those who focus on maintaining the status quo for the former group only impede the inevitable progress made by the latter group.

"...It’s easy to understand why the companies might be upping their presence in Washington: The Internet age has devastated traditional paper products, with newspapers, magazines and print advertising at historic lows. At the same time, e-commerce has boosted demand for packaging, so they’ve pressed for things like reform of the United States Postal Service, to keep it as cheap as possible for vendors like L.L. Bean and Pottery Barn to send large volumes of glossy mailers. Paper manufacturers were even active on the Farm Bill, asking for wood pulp to be included in the bill’s priority purchasing programs for bio-based products..."
Printing and writing paper purchases as % of GDP

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