Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nice graphic on the change in Skill Levels for jobs in the US since 1983. Where do YOU plan to be on this chart??

US population today is approximately 315 million. In 1983 it was 234 million.  That is a 35% increase.

Low Skill Occupations increased by 20%
Middle Skill Occupations decreased by 24%
High Skill Occupations increased by 42%

High skill occupations have increased faster than the population (YAY!). Low skilled occupations have increased much slower than the population (YAY! Again!).  Middle skill occupations, well, I am not sure where they went, maybe on Disability. 

Sensible policies that foster a postivie business climate, a renewed reverence for entrepreneurship, and a REAL emphasis on vocational skills acquisition would be helpful.
Credit: KC Fed
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