Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ladies and Gentleman---Here is the most environmentally friendly product of the Century---Get your phone out now to take a picture!!

I was just admiring my Smartphone this morning (Samsung Galaxy 3). 

It reminds me that it is not only a labor saving device for me but an EXTREMELY environmentally friendly one as well.

With just a cursory look I found pictures of the various separate and distinct devices, products and services that are on the phone that I hold in the palm of my hand.  This is only a start.  With a little more thought and exploration of the phone I am sure I can add many more.  And I consider myself a light user of all its capabilities.

I am sure you have MANY more uses/applications on your phone.  Think of all the physical resources that are NOT being employed to make this short list of devices and products.

Yes, other resources are being used to produce the things/apps that go into your phone.  But I would have to say that the net benefits to reduces resource use have to be postive.  Right???

Look at you! You, You, You accidental environmentalist, You.  Now, good make the world a better place---send a text instead of a letter---without the paper, a pen, a stamp, planes, trains and automobiles to get it to its destination.  How wasteful is that!!

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