Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Personal Reflection: How come ALL teachers don't chapperone events at school? It is a mystery to me...

The popular Freakonomics blog has a posting today regarding the best way for schools to get teachers to chapperone dances/proms and such.

I was always perplexed as to why ALL teachers would not want to pull this duty, or any other duty where a large number of students congregate.  There is NO BETTER way for a teacher who is not a coach or sponsor of a major activity to get themselves known to a broad swath of students---the ones they teach and the ones they don't.

It pays dividends (not cash, but intangible benefits more valuable than money) in the classroom, in the hallway, recruiting for your classes, et cetera when students know who you are AND they KNOW you care enough to attend their events.

Opportunity Costs---give up a little time now and again and earn some "street cred" with students.  This should not be seen as an imposition but an investment.  I cannot count the number of potential negative encounters that have turned positive because of a little recognition and respect the student showed to me.

Plus, why would a teacher NOT want to see students in a controlled environment OUTSIDE of school?  You would be amazed at the postive things you can learn about them, if you observe.

Young teachers take heed.  The best advice I can give you is to attend, attend, attend, as many events as you are able. Not just sports but the all the other "minor"(minor  in scope, not in impact) activities.

 Your teaching experience will be so much better for it.
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