Friday, March 29, 2013

Decorating Easter Eggs and feeling nostalgic? How much did eggs cost during The Depression era compared to today? I think you will find this interesting...

The idea for this blog entry comes from HERE, but I have wanted to use for a while the historical data from the link below.  Now is my chance!

Let's go back 80 years to the depths of The Great Depression and see how the price of eggs to make the traditional Easter decoration has changed.

A dozen eggs in 1933 cost 22.3 cents (source HERE and noted below from the document)

Source: HERE
Today, the US average for a dozen eggs is $1.93 (Source: CPI Detailed Report (complete text and tables) February 2013 (PDF))

In inflation adjusted dollars, 22.3 cents in 1933 would be $3.98 in 2013.

The $1.93 we would pay for a dozen eggs today would be the same as 11 cents in 1933. 

What people in 1933 would have given to get eggs half price!!

Eggs are a bargain TODAY compared to Depression Era prices.

If you are a teacher, THIS link is great for finding prices and wages from the 1920's and up.  A terrific way to teach inflation and standard of living.
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