Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Price Gouging" myth. Just had to get this off my chest.

Politician with courage: "I will let the price of gasoline rise so that most people will be able to purchase some gasoline. Not as much as they want/need, but they will have some. I will hear cries that I am allowing price gouging and I will be despised for this. But I know many more people will have gasoline than they otherwise would have in this emergency. I dont think I will be re-elected".

Politician without courage: "I will tell gas station owners they cannot raise the price of gas. When the stations run out of gas (because so many more people are wanting more gasoline than usual) I will blame the greedy station owners, suppliers or someone else. Most people will not have ANY gasoline (except for the lucky few in the front of the line with all their extra gas containers) but they will love me for standing up to the price gougers. I am pretty sure I will be re-elected. Gee, how did I just get away with that?"
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