Saturday, November 10, 2012

Here is a twist---The President lost most of the States that had the HIGHEST new job creation in the last 3 years and won States that had the least. Must see set of graphs/maps that tell an interesting story in politics

President Obama ran a successful re-election campaign on the basis of an improving economy and the creation of 2.6 to 3 million new jobs.  If you look at WHERE most of the those jobs were created you will find politics makes strange bedfellows.

A large majority of those jobs were created in States that the President LOST in the Electoral College and a minority of the jobs created were in States that he won.  See the explanation and graphs below.  It is an interesting lesson in politics and interest groups. 

Unions are a big supporter of the President and vice versa.  However, ironically, the ability to boast about so many new jobs created came in States that are not Union NOR electorally friendly to the President.

The first graph below shows two things.

1. The two bars on the left show the percent of the population that lives in Right to Work States ("R-T-W") and the percent that live in "Forced Union" States. (22 States are classified as R-T-W States and 28 as Forced Union).  61.2% of the US population live in those 28 Forced Union States and 38.8% of the population live in R-T-W States.

2. The two bars on the right show the percent of the overall "jobs created" (appox 2.6 million) from 2009-2012 in the R-T-W States vs the Forced Union States.

So, in the R-T-W States that have just 39% of the US population, 72% of the 2.6 million jobs created in the last 3 years came from those States.  28% of those 2.6 million jobs came from Union States.
Source: Carpe Diem

This next graph shows on a map the R-T-W States (in Red) and the Forced Union States (in Blue)

This last map shows the latest 2012 Electoral College map.  States in blue are states that President Obama won and the ones in red are the ones that went for Gov Romney. 

See any  resemblence?  Yeah, me too...

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