Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nice graph showing the change in how we communicate and get information since 1900. We REALLY don't talk to each other anymore...

Technology is rapidly changing the way we spend time communicating with each other and how we connect to the outside world.

It shows time in hours per day Americans, since 1900, have spent engaging in the above two activities. The various categories of activities are stacked on the right side.  Notice the bottom 5 activities (from E-mail down to Social Networks) were virtually non-existent in the year 2000---only 12 years ago!

Source: McKinsey and Company

Notice how flat (and even descending) the lines are from 1980 to 2000---pretty stagnant, then BOOM! Those technologies take-off and rapidly start to consume our time. 

What happened during this time-span to make this all possible? What are some of the economic, social and political costs and benefites to society? 

Extra credit for good answers with details.

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