Friday, June 22, 2012

The Obama Gift Registry to raise funds---Does this mean "Julia" is getting married?

I thought this was from the minds of the people at The Onion, but it is real.  I found it funny and wonder when the "Gravy Bowl" lobbyists will be out in force. 

Gravy Bowls are a consumption expenditure and is that not what we are tying to jumpstart?

So, the campaign is asking people to forego current consumption ("Gravy Bowl Stimulus") so they can (1) take a tax deductable donation (a dreaded "Tax Expenditure") that only higher income people normally take, and (2) make a speculative investment that has a 50-50 chance (according to polls) of success at this time.

Does anyone else see the irony here?  (Not being political, just cynical)...
Here is the link to the video of "Julia" I mentioned in the title. It is a presentation of how a fictitious person grew up with the help of government benefits/programs....

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