Saturday, June 30, 2012

Latest CBO (non-partisan govt office) revenue and cost estimate for the ACA ("ObamaCare"). "We are going to need a bigger Revenue Boat"...

This is the latest (March 2012) revenue and cost estimate for the now legal American HealthCare Act (ACA--aka--"ObamaCare").  CAUTION: notice the cost numbers are positive and the revenue numbers are negative here.  The bottom line number is "$1,252 Trillion" accumlated DEFICIT over the 11 year projection.  This is in ADDITION to any existing budge deficits occurring during this time span.

In other words, on average ($1,252T divided by 11), the Federal budget is going to require an additional $114 billion each year to pay for the ACA.  Again, this is over and above what the budget collects and spends currently on everything else.  This is a fact---I did not make up these numbers and they did not come a biased think tank. (Click on image to make larger)

Source: CBO Analysis March 2012
My educated guess is that this underestimates the costs and overestimates the revenues.  So the deficit in the program will likely be larger.  How much (?), no idea. Other than this has been the case for just about EVERY other sweeping program implemented in the last 20 years.  Am I wrong?

Given these numbers, where is the additonal revenue going to come from? Just askin'...

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