Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Helpful hint to Election watchers---Ignore the Romney vs Obama National Polls you see...THIS is the map that matters...One candidate is in REAL trouble...

National polls on Presidential candidates are virtually useless.  Presidents are elected by the Electoral College process.  A candidate needs to rack up 270 electoral college votes to win.  

Notice the data in the lower left hand corner. Give or take a few votes, Pres Obama already has near enough to win.  If the election were held today, Mitt Romney would have to win ALL of the States considered "toss ups" to get exactly 270.  On the map those would be the States in the grayish color. 

Game over???

I pity the people in those toss up States in the Fall. They are going to get hammered with campaign advertisements and scrutiny.

Note: I added a second map I found HERE so as you can see that I did not cherry pick.

Source: 270toWin

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