Saturday, November 5, 2011

Early map of the way the Electoral College vote may go...Like it or not, this is how we elect a President...

USA Today has nice interactive graphic displaying some key variables that are in play for the next Presidential election.  I know it is early in the process, but I wanted to remind you of the impact the Electoral College has in selecting the President. 

The chart below shows the safe states for each partys candidates and the ones, that while not in their pockets, trend toward one party over the other.  The ones shaded gray are "swing-states". They are toss ups.  Like it or not, these states, especially the big one Florida, are likely to determine the winner.  Candidates will spend the majority of their time and money in these states.

The positive thing to come out of this is if you live in a safe state for the candidate---you won't be subjected to constant and inane political advertising on TV. 

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