Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nice population pyramid charts to remind us of the ticking fiscal timebomb awaiting the next generation. THIS is what the OWC's SHOULD be protesting...Go South protesters-- towards Capitol Hill...

Click on the video below to see the age-demographic change occurring in the US.  This is ground zero for a potential busted national budget in the coming decades.  Notice the shape of the pyramid in 1981, specifically the proportion of young working age adults to the retired population (65 and older).  It is a distinct triangle with a wide base and narrow top.  There are far more younger workers paying social security taxes and medicare taxes relative to the recipients, 65 and older.  This is ok---this entitlement program is solvent.

 As the decades pass, notice how the pyramid shape becomes more like a pear.  This is not so good.  The proportion of workers to retirees becomes more equal.  However, what does not become more equal is the tax revenue-to-tax expenditure ratio--expenditures will drastically increase relative to the tax revenues (at current payroll tax rates).  Retirees are living longer, there are more of them and their health care needs (read that "costs") will only increase. This is not ok---this will make these two retiree entitlement programs INSOLVENT, unless serious reform takes place--now.  Well, now is almost too late. Should have been done 15-20 years ago.

 Each of the graphs are below as well (Source for the Graphs HERE)

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