Thursday, August 4, 2011

Two nice graphs/charts showing the emergence of developing countries and their influence on resource demand. What an amazing 20 years...Are you preparing to serve these markets???

Both of these graphs/charts come from The Economist.  I continue to emphasize the rise of emerging markets around the world. We can see this as a problem or as an opportunity.  Businesses looking for opportunities for the future are increasingly looking outside the US. Are YOU on board with this in planning your future?

The decline and growth of respective world share of GDP in the graph below (left) since 1990 is quite dramatic.  If does not mean that our GDP has not increased but our share of global GDP has decreased.  Analogy: while our slice of the GDP pie is got bigger, the pie itself got larger too. Economic growth is not a zero sum game.  Wealth is not fixed, and through processes, technology and productivity it increases over time.

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