Friday, August 19, 2011

Results of a Gallup Poll on how people view their childs school relative to other schools around them.

Is this a case of cognitive dissonance?  People surveyed tend to rate their own childs school highly while the other schools in their area are viewed as a cut below (or many cuts below).  I think it is because we are more aware of what goes on in our schools and tend to take ownership of it because it is more personal.  Or is it simply more of a comfort thing---it HAS to be good/fine/ok because I trust them with my child. 

How can the public simultaneously like their own school, but not have a positive view of everone elses school?  This is similar to our views on politicians---everyone loves their own, but thinks Congress as a whole is broken.  How do we reconcile the two?  Maybe we ARE crazy....
Source: Gallup Poll

As an aside: Why did the percentage of people expressing a positive view of their childs school spike from 2007 to 2008? That is a 58% increase!  It was the first year of the recession.  I cannot think of a good reason, can you?

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