Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I hope the President and Congress FINALLY focus on the actual job creators that have historically lead the way out of recessions. See who they are here...

Here is an important graphic to consider when you hear talk of the new "Jobs Plan" the President is going to propose "soon". Historically, the job creators coming out of recessions have been small to medium size businesses.  They are the most nimble, because of a lack of bureaucracy, and can ramp up production when the dark clouds of recession start to part. They can seize on opportunities as they present themselves and risk-taking is morecalculated and tolerable.

However, it requires a reasonable confidence that economic conditions will improve.  This confidence seems to be lacking, for a variety of reasons---Gridlock and poor policymaking in Washington seem to be at the fore-front. Read the blog entry that goes with this graphic HERE

Source: Wall Street Journal
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