Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Here are the members of the "Super Committee" that are going to "fix" our budget/debt crisis AND what the National Debt WAS when they were elected to Congress.. Arsonists giving Fire Prevention Advice is an analogy that comes to mind...

These are the 9 members of the "Super Committee" named thus far. There are still 3 to be named in the next couple of day by House minority leader Nancy Pelosi.  I put their name, political party, House or Senate AND what the National Debt was when the took office.

Not to be cynical (ok, I am cynical), but the SAME people who watched/participated in creating this problem are going to be the ones to fix it?  REALLY?? I am not confident of this process.  Hope/Change I am wrong...

1. Max Baucus (D) Senate 1978--Present  ($771,544,000,000)
2. John Kerry (D)  Senate 1985--Present    ($1,823,103,000,000)

3. Jon Kyl (R)  Senate      1987 -Present       ($2,350,276,890,953)

4.Fred Upton (R)  House  1987--Present    ($2,350,276,890,953)
5. David Camp (R) House 1991-Present       ($3,665,303,351,697)

6. Patty Murray (D) Senate   1992-Present   ($4,064,620,655,521)
7. Rob Portman (R) 1993-2005 House 2009-present Senate   ($4,411,488,883,139)

8. Pat Toomey (R) 1999-2005 House 2010-now Senate       ($5,656,270,901,615)
9. Jeb Hensarling (R) 2002 House      ($6,228,235,965,597)

10. ??

11. ??

12. ??

National Debt as of TODAY: $14,591,991,499,526.02
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