Saturday, July 23, 2011

What do the Legislative and Executive Branches of government have in common with the show "Hoarders"? I kinda think everything at this point....

If you have not seen the show "Hoarders" it is about people who have a pathological need to accumulate stuff/junk/trash.  They are unable to give or throw ANYTHING away.  Their houses are crammed full of possessions, including trash. They KNOW they have a problem but they cannot even part with a 2 year old pizza box. 

This is how I see Congress and the discussion on the debt limit and its impact on the Federal budget.  They are hoarders of the things tax money can buy, no matter how ineffective (insert your own despised program here) or counter-productive (ethanol mandate). They know they need to let go of some of the junk, but mentally unable to do so.

Using the Hoarders analogy, this is how I see it:

1. Those on the extreme left want to increase the size of the house (more taxes) so they can hoard more stuff (more government spending) and ignore the illness ("There will always be someone around to pay for this...Right???")
2. Those on the extreme right want to burn the house down--that will teach em'--problem solved ("Oh, wait, I just burned down my own house")
3. Those in the middle want to keep the house (it is a pretty good house---built by some very smart people) but address the problem and pare down the junk (decrease spending) to create more order and functionality. But in order to do that, we might have to buy some boxes and/or shelves to get ourselves organized (raise revenue). ("Don't worry, Be Happy")

As you watch the events unfolding in the next couple of weeks, keep these 3 profiles in mind. Don't you think they peg the political players and their cohorts pretty well?

This reminds me, I have to clean out the garage...and go to Home Depot to buy another useless tool....and Of COURSE, I have to put it on my credit card...
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