Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is re-paving a road "stimulative" to the economy? Compare these two photos. Are we using 1930's policies to solve 2011 problems?

Are "infrastructure projects" stimulating to the economy like they were during the Depression?  Are we using 1930's policies to solve 2011 problems? If the goal is to implement the use of machines/capital then we are doing the right thing. Road projects are a necessity, that is clear. But to justify them on the basis that they are, in large part, going to get our economy back on track and significantly lower unemployment seems a bit of a stretch to me.  If the goal of stimulus is to employ the masses, then, well, perhaps we should ask if "shovel-ready" is a literal or figurative term. More focus should be on the jobs of the future, not of the past...Just sayin'.

Repaving a road in Louisiana in the 1930's with a mix of labor and technology/capital...count the workers relative to capital...

Source HERE

Repaving a road today in Louisiana with today's mix of labor and technology...count the workers relative to capital

Source HERE
I assume the road in the bottom picture was done in a day or so and the road in the first picture took, well, I don't know how many days (weeks?)...
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