Sunday, May 1, 2011

Do you know the difference between Trash and Treasure? Nice example of a good that went from one to the other in the marketplace, and it is found in your kitchen...

What is the difference between trash and treasure in terms of your refuse (fancy word for garbage)?  With trash YOU have to pay someone else to take it away.  With "treasure" someone PAYS YOU to take it away.  It is not a subtle difference.  Here is an example of a commodity that crossed over from the former to the latter:
""...Spent cooking oil. Used to be, restaurants had to pay companies to haul away their used cooking oil. In recent years, selling that yellow grease has become a half-billion dollar a year industry. So companies are now paying restaurants for the stuff. And that's pitting grease collector against grease collector..."" Source NPR
Tell me again, how much money do you RECEIVE from filling your recycling bin and putting it on the curb every week? We pay to have our recyclables picked-up. Do you ever ask yourself why? Seems like at a minimum, recyclers would pick it up for "free" from you if they can profit from it down the supply chain. I am willing to hear counter-points---let me have it.
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