Friday, February 11, 2011

See how my poll numbers differ from Republicans poll numbers on Federal Budget issues. I am a man without a Party...

In a poll of Conservative Republicans on spending and tax priorities, these were the results when asked about the relative importance of these goals---their poll numbers are on the LEFT.  In my opinion, the numbers on the RIGHT in red are what they SHOULD BE.  Too extreme? The elephant in the House (pardon the pun) not being addressed are these two entitlement programs.  Everything else is small change. Long Sighhhh.... 

56% - cut spending across the board (1%)
27% - cut spending from all government budgets except the military(1%)
10% - pass a balanced budget amendment (1%)
3% - cut taxes  (1%)
3% - fix Social Security/Medicare so they don’t pay out more than they take in (94%)
1% - raise taxes on the wealthy (1%)
1% - cut spending primarily from the defense budget (1%)
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