Saturday, January 8, 2011

AP curriculum is changing for some subjects but not economics---see why here...Nice NYTIMES article that will surely spur debated amongst AP teachers...

I am happy to see AP Economics is not going to change...No real need to---Here is an old economics joke that explains why: 

""An economist returns to visit his old school. He's interested in the current exam questions and asks his old professor to show some. To his surprise they are exactly the same ones to which he had answered 10 years ago! When he asks about this the professor answers: "the questions are always the same - only the answers change!"""

Teachers of the affected subjects will be highly interested in the substance of this article, I believe...

NYTIMES: Rethinking Advanced Placement

""Trevor Packer, the College Board’s vice president for Advanced Placement, notes that the changes mark a new direction for the board, which has focused on the tests more than the courses. The rollout of “the New A.P.,” as the board describes it, will actually start this year with a new curriculum taking effect in two smaller programs, German and French language. Major revisions to physics, chemistry, European history, world history and art history will follow, with the hope of being ready for exams in 2014 or 2015.

“We really believe that the New A.P. needs to be anchored in a curriculum that focuses on what students need to be able to do with their knowledge,” Mr. Packer says. A.P. teachers made clear that such a shift was impossible unless the breadth of material covered was pared down. Courses in English and math are manageable, Mr. Packer says, and will not be revised until later....""

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