Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Graph comparing US Defense spending with other countries...Is there room to cut, and is there room for other countries to pull their own weight? Just askin'...

Is there room to cut defense spending? I just sayin'...Why will it not be cut, in my humble opinion?  Defense spending, MORE than any other industry, affects EVERY Congressional district in the US.  Whether it is a Liberal or Conservative district it does not matter.  Politicians are of the same mind on this one, regardless of political ideology.  I am open to contrarian opinions.  Where am I going wrong?

Why The United States Of America Is Broke


I don't endorse the political view on the war(s)  that accompanies this graph (below). I am neutral on that point for the purposes of this posting.  However, to put the Defense Dept budget off-limits for a cost-benefit analysis is something I don't endorse.  Everything should be scrutinized for WTF! (Waste, Theft, Fraud---what were YOU thinking....)... 
""Greedy politicians willing to accept bribes to get reelected, support massive defense budgets. Defense contractors as well as those receiving handouts from defense contractors label anyone not in favor of wars and massive military spending as "soft on defense". With massive fearmongering campaigns, including pictures of nuclear bombs going off, those organizations are able to whip up public sentiment to do whatever they want, which essentially is to spend more on defense. Every soldier in another country is another soldier that needs to be equipped. At election time defense contractors donate massively to candidates willing to waste more money on needless wars that do not need to be fought. Over time, legislative bodies in general get packed with politicians accepting bribes (campaign contributions) from warmongers.

Unfortunately, "compromise" is such that taxpayers get stuck with the worst of both. We have baseless wars and untenable defense spending. We also have untenable collective bargaining rules, untenable social handouts, and untenable union wages and benefits.""....Source HERE
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