Sunday, November 21, 2010

A letter to the President concerning airport security/screening....

Mr President,
     Your ARE the head of the executive branch.  The Department of Homeland Security (DOHS??) is an agency within your cabinet.  Please instruct your Department of Homeland Security (DOHS??) Secretary to get control of the airport screening situation.  I request this not so much on behalf of travelers, but for the screening agents who are responsible for carrying out DOHS?? policies.  Yes, I would like to defend them.
     I served in the military and know what it is like to faithfully carry out orders that make no sense to me (or my fellow Marines) and made me/us look petty and incompetent in the eyes of the people we were attempting to serve.  Heck, I am now a teacher and can say the same thing about education policies.  Ask me about grading policies or texting in school policies that I am compelled to execute if you want to see frustration to the boiling point. 
     If nothing changes soon, anyone entering an airport will experience an increasing level of contempt for the screeners, justified or not.  There will be an in-kind response from TSA agents to the traveling public.  This is a toxic mix that will detract from ensuring the safety of said traveling public.  A seige mentality between people on the SAME side is not in the interest of public safety.
     Morale must be very low among TSA agents.  Put yourself in the shoes of one of the agents who is only doing his/her job---it must be very humiliating to be looked upon with such scorn and suspicion.  They are not bad people, but they are stuck interpreting and enforcing  vague policies that I assume were formulated at highest level by people you apppointed to the DOHS??  Please put a stop to these policies that make these screeners seem less than human in the eyes of the public.  Thank you for your time and attention.


Gene Hayward, American...

I am not really sending this...Because of my sense of humor, I could not resist the "DOHS!" or the shot at school district policies---This whole situation is very much like Homer working at the nuclear power plant.... :)
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