Sunday, September 12, 2010

White House to NOT install Solar Panels---My opinion--INSTALL THEM and ignore the critics!!

     I believe solar energy is going to be a vital component to servicing our current and future energy needs and will contribute significantly to a much needed positive Aggregate Supply shock.   By  a positive Aggregate Supply shock, I mean the advancements in solar will be so significant that widespread adoption will across the board decrease the cost of producing for producers--decreasing the cost of producing provides an incentive to produce more.  Produce more goods and more workers will be needed for the production of those goods (so says the economic logic).  Producing more goods then promotes spinoff subsitute and complementary goods--so on and so forth--we are off to the production races...That is REAL economic growth! The tangible and intangible residual benefits are a cleaner environment (a nod to the Lefties) AND less dependence on countries that rely on oil as its primary export (a nod to the Righties).  BOTH ideologies have a stake in this fight and and I don't understand (well actually I do understand) why the resistance from the Right and the timidity from the Left. 
   I don't get the Administrations decision to not install solar panels at/on the White House (Click HERE for article).  Seems a fear of not wanting to invite comparisons to the Carter Administrations has driven the decision, if not in its totality then at least partially.  Are we NOT past that yet? Considering that $80 billion , yes $80 billion, has been allocated in various forms of economic stimulus to renewable energy research, development and actual installation, seems it would be EXCELLENT leadership to outfit the White House with solar technology.  Most Americans are committed to the notion of developing alternative energy sources.  The use of the technology is widespread enough that I don't believe the average American would look askance at it.  I say install them!! What do you think?  Install the solar panels or not?  You have heard my spiel, let me hear your thoughts...
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