Monday, September 20, 2010

ATTN: High School Seniors and College Freshman!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE READ THIS ENTRY!!!

This is some of the BEST, basic advice I have seen for graduating high school seniors, college freshman and/or sophomores. Those of you that know me know I have been suggesting some of these things for a while now...In some combination, you MUST do all of these and do them to the best of your ability!! Please read the whole article, but I have pasted the 5 must do's below---learn them, live them...

The Current Recession Is Apparently Scaring Millennials
1.Do at least one internship during your college career, two if possible. First, it signals to future employers your passion and career objectives, not that you just wasted four years seeking any higher paying job. Second, it allows you to build a network that you can rely on later while job searching.

2.Network. Make connections throughout your college career, on and offline, including students, faculty, and work-related colleagues and bosses, and keep them active.

3.Participate in extra-curricular activities (and network).

4.It's your education, which means you should be an active participant in your education. Your education does not take place in the classroom; it takes place outside the classroom when you spend time reading and discussing with your classmates and friends the ideas discussed in the classroom. My job as a professor is to pique your interest in the material, but it's your job to follow through and pursue the learning and teaching of yourselves. I employ provocative examples in the classroom as a means of piquing your interest.

5.Don't forget opportunity costs. Life is balance and too much time spent doing one activity means giving up time doing others. Those others might be beneficial also. Too much partying means you're giving up valuable learning in the classroom. On the other hand, valued and marketable skills can be learned through athletics and competition, which means some sacrifice of your school work to participate may pay higher returns than just focusing on schoolwork. Give it your best shot for both, but understand the balance.
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