Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reinforcement for me on the recycling lecture I gave in class this week---Nice quote... :)

How timely!!!...A great quote today in the Wall Street Journal in regards to an economist they profiled.  It is from his wife and is quite apropos to my spiel on recycling I gave in my AP classes this week.  It sums up what I think about the application of recycling, as opposed to the philosophy (two different things, in my opinion):
""He refuses to recycle," Mrs. Boettke says. "Something about how it actually uses more resources." He's not exactly a handyman either. "If his 'opportunity cost' is too great, he'll hire someone.""
The emphasis in the quote is mine....The "economic way of thinking" requires you to sometimes express an opinion that is contrary to conventional wisdom.  Don't forget the lesson from Bastiat---consider the unseen as well as the seen---be a GOOD economist... :)
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