Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cost of component parts to the New Blackberry Torch---"I see variable costs of production"--NICE graphic!!

Piece by Piece: The Suppliers Behind the New BlackBerry Torch Smartphone

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From WSJ: ""...ISuppli estimated the total cost of the Torch's components at $171, plus $12 for manufacturing. The most expensive single part of the Torch, iSuppli said, is the display and touchscreen assembly, at an estimated cost of $34.85. The screen supplier was unknown. Memory chips, supplied by South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co., accounted for $34.25 of the Torch's component costs, the firm said.
The chip that serves as the electronic brains of the Torch--and also provides so-called "baseband" functions to manage communications--was supplied by Marvell Technology Group Ltd., a company in Santa Clara, Calif., that primarily uses manufacturing services in Taiwan to build chips it designs. ISuppli put the price of that chip at $15...."
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