Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have solved the unemployment problem---Shovel ready projects! Err, I mean get your shovel ready for a project...See video!

Two ways to lay concrete.  Congress seem to think the construction industry TODAY will create jobs as illustrated in the first video but in reality it is more like the 2nd illustration (photo).  The job creation process COULD BE accelerated if, in any stimulus bill, they banned the use of capital equipment used in construction. That would work, right? ..I am being facetious (or am I?) but is seems like there is too much of a tendency to apply the job creation policies of the Depression to what is happening today.  We USED to work like the first video, now we work like the picture.  Things have changed...Why can't the thinking on "stimulus" change too???  Just askin'...(Watch the video and the photo at the same time---it speaks volume to "progress")

Here are two more to watch simultaneously...Look what happens when you substitute Capital for Labor!

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