Saturday, July 17, 2010

Financial Reform Bill doubles as a Lawyer/Lobbyist Full Employment Act--Let the Rent-Seeking Begin!

If you actually read some of the text of these bills (I have) you will notice the unbelievalbe increase in "lawyer-speak" over time and mind-numbing meaningless stock phrases.  You find yourself thinking, "didn't I just read that same thing a couple of pages (paragraphs) ago?"  This really is, as Professor Perry points out,  a full employment Act for lawyers and lobbyists.  They will be happy to interpret the meaning of these 2,300 pages for the respective Federal bureaurcracy.  English teachers will tell you less is more.  I guess law school professors tell students they get paid by the page....Law professors win!

From Carpe Diem: 2,319 Page Dodd-Frank Bill aka The “Lawyers’ and Consultants’ Full Employment Act of 2010"
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