Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get elected to Congress--Leave Congress---Make BIG money Lobbying Congress---See who is doing this!!

An inteactive map (click HERE) that when you run the cursor over the state will show you the number of former Congress-people who are now registered lobbyists for various organizations.  Click on the State and it will show you a picture of the person and what they lobby for.  Texas leads the way with 17...
""It's not exactly breaking news that Washington is stuffed to the gills with lobbyists. One good government group recently tallied 8 lobbyists for every member of Congress during the health-care reform debate. But what doesn't get as much attention is that, over the last few decades, a vast army of what might be called uber-lobbyists has taken shape in the capital, made up of retiring lawmakers eager to cash in on K Street after a lifetime of making do with public sector salaries.
We've compiled a close-to-comprehensive list of former members of Congress currently working on behalf of private interests in Washington's influence-peddling industry. We count 172 of them -- almost one-third the number of current members of Congress.""
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