Sunday, June 20, 2010

Education = Earning Power. More education = More Earning Power. Nice graph illustrating this for you...

"In 1980, an American with a college degree earned about 30 percent more than an American who stopped education at high school. But, in recent years, a person with a college education earned roughly 70 percent more (see chart above). Meanwhile, the premium for having a graduate degree increased from roughly 50 percent in 1980 to well over 100 percent today. The labor market is placing a greater emphasis on education, dispensing rapidly rising rewards to those who stay in school the longest""...See Carpe Diem for more
One of the primary reasons we have income inequality gap in the US is because we have an education gap.  In general, more education translates into more income from the creation of new/improved goods and services.  Doubt it? If you are of a certain age think back to when you were young---is there more new "stuff" than there was before? Is it of better quality and less expensive, relative to amount of income you make today? Higher education converging with significant technological breakthroughs (made possible by higher education?) creates more wealth opportunities for the educated. If one is not advancing their skills through advanced training or other formal education then you will be left behind...GET YOURSELF SOME!! :)
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