Sunday, May 2, 2010

Want a raise at work? Then "Be a Complement and not a Substitute"...

Well worth a read if you are wondering how you can develop additional leverage at work to get a raise or to get ahead---Excellent advice from an Excellent AP Economics teacher!!

How To Use Economics To Get A Raise---By Mike Fladlien

"Be a Complement Not a Substitute"
Complementary goods are like a right shoe and a left shoe. One shoe simply isn’t sufficient. You need both shoes. If the job you’re doing can be done by a machine or done by cheaper labor, then you need to find a way to become part of the process. For example, if an answering machine can replace a receptionist, then when the machine becomes cheaper, it’ll be used in place. The receptionist has to build client relationships and answer the phone. In other words the receptionist has to be able to do the work that a machine cannot. A receptionist can also build value for the attorney, by rescheduling clients who miss appointments so that the boss doesn’t have an empty space on his/her calendar. The receptionist might call ahead to confirm appoints. This is work that a machine cannot easily do. 
A worker must differentiate herself from other workers. It’s not enough to be able to do the job. A worker  musst add something extra. Perhaps Juanita has specialized knowledge of accounts receivable software that can’t be duplicated or outsourced. Perhaps she has knowledge of contract law that can’t be easily learned.
When Juanita works with clients perhaps they comment about the personal attention that makes them feel special.""
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