Sunday, May 16, 2010

If you are a poor college student, this invention is for YOU!!!

If you are a "poor" college student, or are VERY frugal with your money, this my be your best purchase ever!  The Japanese are geniuses.  It solves the age-old logic problem of eating Ramen Noodles: Do I use a spoon or a fork? What do you call it a Spoork or a Froon?  :) 
""Behold, the Ramen Fork. A fork with both tine for noodles and a small bowl for soup base. It's basically a spork, just a little more professional. As a frequent ramen eater -- mostly thanks to Ramenbox -- I am constantly irked by the difficulty of eating noodles and slurping soup simultaneously. Their supposed to be eaten together, and yet, no utensil has been able to accomplish this. Until now. Because of the Ramen Fork. Japan, I'll take 100...."""
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