Monday, April 5, 2010

$&*#$%@(#%^%#(^% Ethanol Mandate---Stop the madness, please!!

Why can't politicians just leave corn alone!  Interest group politics at its finest---rent-seeking (using government to gain/maintain profits) by the few firms in the ethanol business WIN over the general public...BLAHHH!! The Ethanol mandate will haunt us for a long time..

NYTIMES: Bigger Share of Ethanol Is Sought in Gasoline
Burdened by falling gasoline consumption and excess production capacity, ethanol producers appealed to the government on Friday to raise the 10 percent limit on ethanol in most gasoline blends to as high as 15 percent.  Ethanol plants are closing across the country and some ethanol producers are declaring bankruptcy. The appeal will require the Obama administration to decide whether to increase federal support for the industry, which has already benefited from an array of subsidies, tax credits and Congressional production mandates...

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