Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pres. Obama Destroys Shamrock--We are at War with Ireland!! You heard it here FIRST!!

St. Patrick's Day massacre of White House shamrocks!

Well,  not really, BUT we have gone to war for lesser reasons...

...But after nearly 60 years of St. Patrick's Day ceremonies, what's actually become of all those bowls of shamrock?Ronald Reagan used one of his Waterford bowls to hold jelly beans. Bill Clinton displayed his glassware in the White House. "Upstairs in our residence, there is so much Irish crystal now," he mock-lamented at his eighth and final shamrock ceremony. As for the shamrock itself, it has a short shelf life after its long journey from Ireland.  White House security regulations dictate that any food, drink or plant presented to the president be "handled pursuant to Secret Service policy." That's Secret Service-speak for destroyed -- an unceremonious fate, for an enduring symbol of a long friendship.
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